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Also feel free to ask me anything about the shows, I'd be happy to give my opinion on anything.

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It is pretty contrived that the whole Joey falls in love with Rachel storyline started with ladies’ man Joey needing advice on where to bring someone on a date.

If Joey could date Casey&Kathy then it also means Kathy had a right to kiss anyone. It is shown in conversations that Joey has no compunction with sleeping with sisters, room-mates, or even mothers of girls he is seeing so being upset that Chandler kissed Kathy was unbelievably hypocritical. His argument that it was the same as if Chandler kissed Rachel when she was in a monogamous relationship with Ross is so fallacious it makes me want to throw things at the tv when Ross doesn’t correct him.

I really want a CD of ‘Phoebe’s Songs’

The ‘lobster’ thing is annoying

I don't know what's worse: confessions that show that the person didn't pay attention to what was actually said and done or confessions that show that the person didn't pay attention to what was actually said and done that get liked and reblogged. If you don't care enough to actually pay attention to dialogue and actions, why in the world are you confessing and reading confessions? Pay attention people!

I totally agree with this, I try and go through and correct confessions if they’re wrong whenever I can but the last few confessions I’ve had I’ve struggled to understand what is being said and what they’re actually talking about, however I still post every confession to show I’m not skipping any. You make a very valid point that I would like people to see when making confessions.

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As a girl I want to be someone’s Monica and find my Chandler

Ross took Chandler’s advice about the list and when Rachel found out she froze him out and refused to listen to explanations until the prom video. Advice about the Mark/Chloe situation had similar disastrous results. It astounds me that anyone has the impression that Chandler and Rachel could have a healthy relationship where either Chandler never says or does anything stupid or Rachel would calmly listen to his explanations instead of freezing him out until a big gesture or jealousy takes over.

I think that if circumstances were different and everyone on Friends met as strangers and not as a friend/sibling of a friend/sibling so that any friendship formed was based solely on those two people instead of based on the four other people in the periphery the only friendships that would exist would be Chandler-Ross, Chandler-Joey, Chandler-Monica, Monica-Rachel, Monica-Phoebe, and Joey-Phoebe.

I dont like Phoebe very much, and I dont know explain why

I don’t understand why people thought Monica was controlling over Chandler or why people thought that Monica loved Richard more than Chandler. She gave up a lot of things to be in a relationship with Chandler. Like having children and having the dream wedding because they were short on cash. A clear example of this is in TOW The Proposal and Richard offers her all these things, but she still goes back to Chandler.

If Carol had left Ross for another man and he treated Ross the way Susan did I think everyone would agree he was a huge jerk. I feel like Susan got a free pass because she was a woman.

I hate how Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe were only upset about Chandler having to move to Tulsa when they thought Monica would be leaving too.

Richard is just a few millimeters away from being the perfect man but he is several light years away from being the perfect man for Monica.

Do you have any guideline on what words can and cannot be used in confessions? i.e. what some people might consider mild cuss words like s**t

No that’s absolutely fine, I’ll use most words to an extent

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It really bugs me that when Richard was trying to convince Monica to pick him over Chandler his only arguments were that he wanted kids now and Chandler was not a doctor. It’s pretty arrogant to assume that doctor=better husband.