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I sometimes wonder why Monica and Chandler didn’t get married in the museum, that Monica put their names down for.

I love to watch Friends bloopers and deleted scenes

I love to read Mondler Fanfiction

My favourite episode in season 10 is TOW The Late Thanksgiving. I love the last one too, but I never want it to end!

My favourite episode in season 9 is TOW The Lottery

My favourite episode in season 8 is TOW Rachel has a baby

My favourite episode in season 7 are TOW The Truth About London and TOW Monica and Chandler’s Wedding. I loved the Melissa episode too!

I’ll never understand why Rachel was willing to risk her friendships with Ross and Joey and risk Ross and Joey’s friendship with each other in order to pursue a relationship with Joey, who she knew was in love with her, while what she felt for Joey was “just physical” (Donor) and a desire to “fool around and [it] not be a big deal” (Soap Opera Party)

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My favourite episode in season 6 is TOW Ross Got High

There are dozens of couples in both movies and tv shows that I enjoy because their chemistry and interactions on-screen lead me to fully believe that they are attracted to each other, are compatible, and are capable of having a fulfilling personal life off camera. But Monica and Chandler are the only on-screen couple I’ve ever seen that lead to fully believe that I’m watching two people that are deeply in love.

When I first watched Friends I preferred Monica and Chandler’s dating years to their married years, but the older I get the more I appreciate just just how great and special their married years were and I have trouble deciding whether I liked them better in season 5 or 9 or 10.

It really annoys me that both Ross and Rachel agree that Ella is good name after Amy calls Emma “Ella” considering the fact that Ella can be short for IsabELLA which Rachel decided wasn’t good for her baby and led to her insisting on using Monica’s dream baby name that she had picked over 15 years prior.

In Barbados Joey/Charlie/Ross felt like a rehash of Joey/Kathy/Chandler and Mike/Phoebe/David felt like a rehash of Chandler/Monica/Richard

I love Monica’s curly/wavy hair in the early parts of season 5.